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My Charges

Proofreading Service Charges

My hourly charge is £25 per hour however, it is very difficult to say how long a document will take to proofread; a lot will depend upon:

  • What is required, i.e. proofreading or proof-editing (reducing word count) 
  • The length of the document, i.e. how many words (not pages)
  • The subject
  • Format/style. 

Please contact me with your requirements, preferably via email in the first instance, giving as much information as possible about the document, most importantly how many words.  I may request a small extract, say 500 to 1000 words, of any document in order that I can time myself proofreading that extract to enable me to give you a reasonable estimate of price and approximate timescale.   

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Transcription Service Charges 

For one speaker: £1.20 per audio minute 

For two speakers: £1.50 per audio minute

For focus groups (more than two speakers) please contact me - I will need to listen to the sound file before giving an estimate of my charges.   

I offer a turnaround time of two days.  If you require a faster turnaround then please add on 10p per audio minute, i.e. £1.30 per audio minute (e.g. 15 minutes of audio dictation will cost £19.50).

Important information: One audio minute of clear digital dictation takes approximately four minutes in real time to transcribe.  For example, 15 audio minutes of clear digital dictation will take approximately 60 minutes to transcribe to a professional standard.  

There are no hidden extras.

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Copy Typing Service Charges

Copy typing from a handwritten copy is £12 per 1,000 words for legible handwriting.  I will request sight of any handwritten document prior to giving a quote in order to establish legibility.

Copy typing from text will be £10 for 1,000 words.

I offer a 10 per cent discount for students across all my services.

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Please note:

A quotation can be provided for all my services but I reserve the right to amend the quotation, particularly if there are any changes to the assignment. 

I will notify you immediately if I feel that this is the case.