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Proofreading Services

You may wonder why you need a proofreader?

No one should proofread their own work.

No matter how many times you read your own work there's nearly always an obvious error that you miss such as:

  • a spelling error
  • an open bracket that isn't closed 
  • punctuation in the wrong place
  • a question that doesn't have a question mark 
  • inconsistent formatting, the list goes on.

Your eyes see what is on the page but your brain interprets what it expects to see!

'Janet also attends to our proofreading requirements. Janet has recently proofread our new website, our Staff Handbook and other standard documents, ensuring that they are accurate and consistent ...  David Lee, Director of David Lee Solicitors'

It is unwise to trust the spelling and grammar tools on your computer as sometimes it will be unable to differentiate between words that sound the same but are spelled differently; these are called homophones. 

This is also something that can happen if you are using Speech Recognition Software, which is software that 'types as you speak'. These documents really need to be proofread very carefully and formally edited for:

  • misspellings;
  • misuse of punctuation;
  • formatting inconsistency, etc. 

Are you are a law student?  Would you like your dissertation, thesis or essay to be outstanding? Then why not send it to me and I'll proofread it and give it a polish in order for you to make the best impression.  This will be extremely beneficial to Foreign Students especially if English is not their first language.

I can also proofread books, advertisements, website content, and flyers.

Maybe you are a publisher who is looking for someone to join your team.

I'm able to proofread either ‘blind’ or against typesetter’s manuscript. 

I'm also able to proofread Word documents using Track Changes.  I'll produce a Word document showing the Track Changes and also a document accepting all the Track Changes.


No job is too large or too small. 

Contact me today for proofreading services
and I can help proofread your dissertation, thesis or essays.